When Oracle chairman Larry Ellison declared his company’s new autonomous database product or service at the Oracle OpenWorld meeting keynote, he took a number of minutes to disparage AWS, one particular of his main rivals in the cloud industry. As industry leader, Amazon stands firmly in Ellison’s crosshairs, but AWS took exception to his remarks, and resolved to difficulty a general public rebuke.

The firm was notably bemused by Ellison’s claims that Redshift wasn’t elastic. “Now I know it’s termed Amazon Elastic Cloud, it’s just not elastic,” Ellison informed the keynote audience. “In other terms, Amazon’s database, Redshift, can’t routinely improve the variety of processors to operate a even bigger workload, then free of charge up these processors. Just cannot do it,” he stated. He went on to declare you have to shut the procedure down, then get started a new occasion, duplicate the database to the new storage, then operate it, then duplicate it back to the aged one particular.

To which an Amazon spokesperson replied: Garbage (in so numerous terms).

“Yeah, that’s factually incorrect. With Amazon Redshift, clients can resize their clusters anytime they want, or can scale compute individually from storage by utilizing Redshift Spectrum from their info in Amazon Basic Storage Services and shell out per query for just the queries they operate,” the spokesperson informed TechCrunch.

They went on to berate Ellison, stating, “But,‎ most men and women know by now that this appears like Larry getting Larry. No info, wild claims, and lots of bluster.”

The time period elastic in this article is referring to the skill to scale up or down depending on the means demanded for a distinct job in Ellison’s example, to operate a database query.

Elasticity is one particular of the principal advantages of cloud computing. You can dial up far more means when you need it, and if you do not need them any longer, you can dial back down. When you possess your possess info middle, this isn’t attainable. Companies normally obtain far more ability than they need, to stay clear of not possessing adequate, which signifies they’ve place out a massive money price for ability they may well not use for some time.

If IT required some excess means for a massive day like, say, the Black Friday getaway purchasing thrust, they would be out of luck. IT wasn’t shopping for a bunch of excess servers for a one particular-day function. Which is exactly where the cloud shines. When you need excess means for a short-time period need, you can allocate them, then shut them down when the thrust is in excess of.

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